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Light it up, get the quantum key

Ultra-safe communications with quantum cryptography

Ensuring that communication is secure is a fundamental ground on which the telecom industry is based.

Any data sent over a link could be intercepted and read at any point unless encrypted. Encryption scrambles information into illegible states, useless to anyone without the key to decrypt it, keeping everybody’s data safe.

Cryptography applies mathematics algorithmics to build those keys and protect the information transmitted through a link from any attack.

Cryptographic techniques used nowadays are no longer future-proof.

This is because the keys are generated based on complex algorithms that would take too long for traditional computers to break, but it will be easily hackable by quantum computers.

It will happen once quantum computers reach a specific capacity, a milestone expected to occur over the next decade - not enough time to protect sensitive information that could have been stored today in a “harvest now and decrypt later” attack.

Cryptography techniques

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) can provide long-term and future-proof data protection, also against quantum computers.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), also known as Quantum Cryptography, exploits quantum mechanical properties to securely generate a shared key between two remote network nodes using an optical fibre or through free space.

The distribution of quantum signals (extremely weak light pulses) combined with high-speed data processing allows this technology to detect an intruder trying to eavesdrop on the communication link.

This makes the shared key ultra-secure and resilient against the attack of a quantum computer.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
LuxQuanta Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems preserve the confidentiality of communications in application segments with the most stringent security requirements.
Telecommunication network providers
Telecommunication network providers Telecomm service providers are obligated by the European law to ensure that personal data is accessed by authorised persons only and protected from being destroyed, lost or altered.
Governmental Institutions
Governmental Institutions Governmental institutions handle extremely confidential data that, if hacked, could have a debilitating effect on security, national economy and public safety
Mission critical systems
Mission critical systems Protecting communications in mision critical systems is a paramount concern as any failure or interruption in these systems can cause substantial damage.
Data centres
Data centres Data centres storage and process al information that is constantly retrieved.
Hospitals & health centres
Hospitals & health centres In healthcare facilities, patient data privacy is paramount. QKD offers a highly secure method of transmitting medical records, protecting sensitive patient information from cyber attacks and interception, while ensuring uncompromised quality of care.
Satellite communications
Satellite communications With the increasing reliance on satellite communication, there is a growing need for highly secure channels for transmitting critical information. QKD provides a secure method of transmitting sensitive information that protects against attacks by cybercriminals and foreign governments.
Private banks & financial institutions
Private banks & financial institutions Private banks and financial institutions handle large amounts of sensitive financial information daily. QKD provides a highly secure method of transmitting financial data, preventing fraudulent activities and unauthorised access to sensitive information, while ensuring customer trust and confidence.
Utilities Utilities such as power grids, water distribution systems, and transportation networks rely heavily on secure communication networks. QKD provides a highly secure method of transmitting sensitive information that protects against attacks from malicious actors, ensuring safe and uninterrupted service delivery.
LuxQuanta’s mission

LuxQuanta’s mission

Our mision is to seamlessly integrate innovative and secure Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems into existing telecommunication infrastructures, revolutionizing communication and data security.

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