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About LuxQuanta

Enabling a new age of security in telecommunications with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems

About LuxQuanta
LuxQuanta was born in May 2021
LuxQuanta was born in May 2021 as an spin-off of the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Barcelona.

LuxQuanta was born in May 2021

LuxQuanta is a spin-off from ICFO, The Institute of Photonic Sciences (a world-leading research center on photonics and quantum technologies), where it was incubated for over four years.

From our headquarters in Barcelona and with a majority of European shareholders and total European control, we strive to deliver Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems and technologies to be integrated into existing network infrastructures while capable of providing a quantum-safe layer of security on top of mathematical cryptographic techniques.

Our investors and co-founders:

A multidisciplinary team

A multidisciplinary team

LuxQuanta’s team is made of engineers, each with decades of experience in Quantum Technologies, FPGA development, Telecommunications, digital signal processing, microelectronics, software development, and optoelectronic components.
Engineering is our core expertise

Engineering is our core expertise

And for that, we constantly seek scientific collaborations with other innovative companies and research institutes, nurturing the technology that sustains a strong quantum communication industry.
Proud members and contributors

Proud members and contributors

LuxQuanta is committed to promoting the growth of the quantum cryptography ecosystem in Europe. We are proud to be a member of

OPTICA (Formerly OSA)
European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)
European Quantum Industry Consortium (EuroQuIC)
Spanish Association of the Digital Industry sector (AMETIC).

These organizations share our vision and are dedicated to stimulating a thriving quantum industry across Europe.

Our vision

To safeguard the confidentiality of personal, institutional, and governmental data, fortify information systems' security, and enhance Europe's digital sovereignty and global industrial competitiveness.

Our vision

LuxQuanta Values



Any transformation, evolution, or new disruptive technology is led by innovation.

Innovation is who we are at our core.


We have the confidence and the skills to be the best in what we do, leading the Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) market and unlocking the potential of this technology in Europe.


We keep our word; we keep our commitments.

Trust is simply the best policy as a principle and essential for establishing a solid business relationship.


Passion nourishes success, drives motivation, and provides a sense of purpose.

Passion fuels us in our quantum journey, each day, every day.

Board of directors

Dr. Silvia Carrasco

Chair of the Board Director of the Knowledge Technology Transfer (KTT) at ICFO

Ángel Ramírez

Board member President of GTD System and Software Engineering

Dr. Valerio Pruneri

Board member & co-founder Lead of Optoelectronic Group at ICFO

Dr. Sebastian Etcheverry

Board member & co-founder CTO of LuxQuanta Technologies

Dr. David Loeber

Observer Division Vice President & Program Director of Quantum Science and Technology at Corning

The team

Vanesa Diaz

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) MSc in Telecommunications Engineer (UC, Spain)

Market development, marketing & optical telecommunications

Dr. Sebastian Etcheverry

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) & Co-founder PhD in Applied Physics (KTH, Sweden)

Experimental quantum cryptography

Dr. Onno Lint

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) MSc & PhD in Business Economics

Serial entrepreneur, 10+ years experience as a C-level in deep-tech SME's. Senior corporate advisor & lecturer at European Business Schools.

Dr. Saeed Ghasemi

Head of Signal Processing Unit & Co-Founder PhD in Telecommunications (UPC, Spain)

Optical communications and FPGA digital signal processing for QKD

Saber Nabavi

Signal Processing Engineer PhD. Student in Computer Architecture (UPC, Spain)

FPGA development for high-throughput/high-performance applications

Dr. Pau Gómez

Signal Processing Engineer

PhD in Physics (ICFO, Spain)

Quantum physics, FPGA development for high-speed RF applications

Dr. Nil Franch

Signal Processing Engineer PhD in Engineering and Applied Sciences (University of Barcelona, Spain)

Electronic Engineer, specializing in FPGA and VLSI design

Dr. Jeison Tabares

Head of Optical Hardware Engineering PhD in Telecommunications (UPC, Spain)

Optical communications and digital signal processing

Dr. Samael Sarmiento

Optical Design Engineer PhD. in Telecommunications (UPC, Spain)

Quantum communications, photonic integration, telecommunications

Borja Villanueva

Electronic Engineer MSc in Telecommunications Engineer (UPC, Spain)

Electronic and RF design, simulation and mechanical assembly

Pol Adillon

R&D Engineer | PhD Student

Master in Quantum Science and Technology (UPC, Spain)

Physics, quantum science and technology

Elisabeth Llanos

R&D Engineer | PhD Student Master in Quantum Science & Technology | UB, Spain
Bachelor's in Physics | UB, Spain

Signal Processing

Dr. Marco Cofano

Head of Software Engineering PhD in Mathematics and Quantum Physics (U. Nottingham, UK)

Back-end software development and data analytics

Azarias Boutin

Software Engineer BSc in Computer Science & Networks (TU Dublin, Ireland)
MSc in Computing (IMT Mines Alés, France)

Software Architecture

Alba Vendrell

Software Engineer

MSc in Cybersecurity & Privacy (UOC, Spain)
BSc in Computer Science (UAB, Spain)

Monitoring and DevOps technologies

Pedro Serrano

Production Manager Telecommunications Engineer
MSc in Operations & Logistics 
Postgraduate in Sales & Business management 

Operations Management, Impelmentation & Optimization of Production sites.

Antonio Arjona

Electronic Engineer Technician in Telecommunication Electronic Equipment
Electronic Engineering, Electronic Technician, Maintenance & Responsible for Electronic Workshops. 

Matias Maccio

Electronic Engineer Technician in Telecommunications Installations
Higher Technician in Electronic Maintenance

Electronic Engineering, Electronic Technician, Maintenance & Responsible for Electronic Workshops. 

Pilar Sánchez

HR & Office Manager | Master in Human Resources & Talent Development (EAE Business School, Spain) 
| Degree in Labour Law (UB, Spain)

Human resources, labour law, language mediation

Rocío Picón

HR & Office Manager

BSc in Psychology | Postgraduate in Organizational Psychology (UM, Argentina) 
+10 years in Psychology Consultancy, Organizational Coaching, HR Hiring & Management. 

Rocio Justel

Operations & Finance Manager Lawyer (John F. Kennedy, Argentina)
MBA & Master's Degree in Project Management (UI1, Spain)

Economics, finance, legal, business administration, and project management

Melisa Nora

Accounts Payable & Accounting BSc in Accounting (UNCUYO, Argentina)

Accounting, Accounts Payable, Consulting.

Sergi Vizcaíno

Strategy & Outreach Manager MSc in Neuroscience | BSc in Biology (UB, Spain)

EMEA & APAC Business Development
Scientific Marketing & Communication

Bruno Campisi

System Administrator MSc in IT Engineering (UAI, Argentina)

Information technology, infrastructure support

Mariana Navarro

External Ph.D. Student M.Sc in Physics (University of Concepción, Chile)

Theoretical Quantum Communications. 
Industrial Ph.D. at ICFO in close collaboration with LuxQuanta

LuxQuanta is leading and participating in the most cutting-edge and visionary QKD projects that Europe is funding.

Quantum cryptography
constitutes a promising and rapidly growing market, strongly fuelled by both governments and private institutions.

LuxQuanta is blazing a trail of innovation, standing at the forefront of the quantum communications revolution. As a testament to our expertise and dedication, both national and European governments have entrusted us with millions of euros in funding to support our cutting-edge research and development efforts.

Members of the Quantum-Secure Networks (QSN) Partnership