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Joint Booth with LuxQuanta, Quside & ICFO at SCWE23: The

12 / 11 / 2023
Barcelona, November 7 - LuxQuanta attends the Smart City Expo World Congress 23 at the iconic city of Barcelona, in a booth together with the Instiute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) and Quside. 

Quantum Point: LuxQuanta, Quside & ICFO 
Our presence at the congress was defined by ICFO's active engagement in the Catalonia Space, at a joint booth featuring LuxQuanta and Quside, ICFO's spin-off dedicated to Quantum technologies. LuxQuanta primarily focuses on the development and commercialization of CV-QKD, while Quside leads in Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) systems. Notably, QRNG modules developed by Quside are integral components in LuxQuanta systems.

The booth, named "Quantum Point," served as the central reference point for attendees seeking more information about Quantum technologies. Employees and delegates from each company provided insights into current technologies, ongoing developments, and the potential significance of these technologies for businesses navigating the conference landscape.

ICFO's Showcase: Photonics & Quantum Technology
As a globally renowned research center in photonics, ICFO effectively showcased its expertise through an immersive audiovisual experience. The primary objective was to communicate and demonstrate to the audience the pivotal role of photonics in current technological advancements. Moreover, during the experience one could understand the future significance of quantum technology in the years to come, all with a sincere desire to spark curiosity and promote Quantum Initiatives on a global scale.

People form the Givernment of catalonia inside the immersive experience made by ICFO.

As ICFO states:
"The 'demo' invites visitors to explore the past, present and future of photonic and quantum technologies and discover, through everyday scenes such as an online purchase, the charging of an electric vehicle or the tele-diagnosis of a sports injury, how this innovative field will evolve over the coming years to bring benefits such as ultra-secure and fast communication, medical treatments and diagnoses in real time with revolutionary devices and technologies, and more efficient, sustainable and clean mobility."

Visit from the Government of Catalonia
Roger Torrent i Ramió, Minister of Business and Labor at the Generalitat de Catalunya and former president of the Parlament de Catalunya,  together with the Secretary of Digital Policies, Gina Tost i Faus, visited our booth to learn more about the Quantum Projects personally. They formally inaugurated the Catalonia stand at the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) at the Fira de Barcelona under the slogan 'Catalonia, ready for the next quantum leap'. He emphasized the essential role of Quantum technology in the proper economic and scientific development of the future in a talk to a broader audience.

Hble. Roger Torrent, Minister of Business & Labor, and Gina Tost i faus, Secretary of Digital Policies, speaking near the "Quantum Point"

The central position of the "Quantum Point" booth highlights the pioneering role of the Generalitat de Catalunya , in collaboration with the  quantum ecosystem, in the promotion and development of innovations in this  field of technology.

Quantum Cryptography Explained
After the minister talk, our delegate, Sergi Vizcaíno, from Strategy & Outreach, provided an introductory talk about LuxQuanta's work and how our Quantum Key Distribution solution will impact the security of our communications. His talk was accompanied by speeches from ICFO's Director, Lluis Torner, and José Ramón Martínez, Innovation VP of Quside.

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