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LuxQuanta at Nokia's #SReXperts23 customer event with evolutionQ's

11 / 09 / 2023
#QKD interoperability is crucial for securing the future of quantum-secure telecommunications. This week, LuxQuanta is in New Orleans, USA, at Nokia Wavelengths, alongside evolutionQ, as part of a proposed network that promotes multi-vendor interoperability.
LuxQuanta is presented by evolutionQ as one of the supported QKD vendors capable of integrating our system with evolutionQ's BasejumpQDN. #BasejumpQDN is a proprietary software developed by evolutionQ with the aim of interconnecting various QKD suppliers to establish a secure quantum network.
⚙️ We offer our high-performance #CVQKD system, NOVA LQ®, designed to generate quantum keys using continuous-variable technology.
LuxQuanta® NOVA LQ® complies with #ETSI0014 and #ETSI004 standards, ensuring seamless interoperability and integration within BasejumpQDN. This allows to connect with different QKD vendors and securely manage QKD multi-vendor network infrastructures.
Furthermore, the network architecture presented at #SReXperts23, a renowned Nokia customer event worldwide, is orchestrated by the Nokia Security Management Server (SMS). Nokia SMS is highly scalable and offers unified key management support for secure business-critical data communications. It also generates highly-secure keys from physically generated entropy for link encryption.
Overall, LuxQuanta is delighted to be one of the supported vendors in the evolutionQ platform, working in collaboration with Nokia to enable Quantum-Safe Networks.
We recognize the potential and effectiveness of our NOVA LQ® system, but like in any venture, we will reach much more horizons in collaboration with other industry players. We acknowledge the importance of collaboration among all suppliers to achieve a broader deployment of #QKD links and ensure a robust interoperability landscape that secures all types of networks.
Thanks to all the team involved from NokiaevolutionQ and the LuxQuanta engineers for achieving a seamless integration.

The Quantum-Safe Networks journey has only just begun!

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