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LuxQuanta at the Laser World of Photonics in Munich

30 / 06 / 2023

LuxQuanta attended the leading trade show event in photonic components and technology: LASER World of Photonics. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the fair has become a reference in the industry, where companies and experts gather to showcase cutting-edge innovations and advancements.


With the rise and rapid evolution of Quantum Technologies, LASER dedicated an entire pavilion exclusively to Quantum technologies, called World of Quantum. The pavilion featured all the growing quantum industries, showcasing disruptive technologies and educating attendees about the wonders of the second quantum revolution.

LuxQuanta had its booth at the fair, promoting our recently launched system, NOVA LQ CV-QKD. NOVA LQ represents the first commercially available continuous-variable QKD in Europe, launched last February during the Mobile World Congress.

Throughout the event, we met partners, collaborators, competitors, and colleagues in the field in a stimulating environment. It was an incredible opportunity to introduce our technology to visitors who were unaware of the benefits and potential of Quantum Cryptography. We were grateful for the people we met and the potential projects that may arise from the event.

The passion for Quantum technologies also resonates with the younger generation of students, as PhD candidates and post-doc researchers approached us with avid interest, eager to embark on their journey in the Quantum industry and be part of history.

This new generation of bright minds serves as the stepping stone for Quantum Technologies to continue evolving.


During the event, we had the honor of receiving a spontaneous visit from the father of our technology, Dr. Phillip Grangier. He is a renowned physicist specializing in quantum mechanics and a key contributor to the development of continuous-variable QKD. He chatted with our CEO, Vanesa Dáiz.

Dr. Grangier completed his thesis under the supervision of Dr. Alain Aspect and participated in the Aspect experiment in 1982, which resolved the "EPR paradox" (he co-authored two articles in 1982 with Alain Aspect related to this experiment). This experiment earned Alain Aspect the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2022.

Dr. Grangier friendly chatting with Vanesa Diaz, LuxQuanta's CEO

Having the recognition and support of an eminent figure in the field continues to inspire and motivate us on our journey. We are thrilled to bring his vision into the real world and contribute to safeguarding our most critical data.


During the conference days, we actively participated in various activities as a key contributor in the field. Notably, our Strategy & Outreach Manager, Sergi Vizcaíno, was one of the invited panelists at the Ph.D. Career Lunch, an informal initiative co-organized by CLEO/Europe-EQEC, European Physical Society, Optica, and IEEE Photonics Society.

The event provided a space for Ph.D. candidates to openly discuss their challenges, ask questions, and share their perspectives on scientific careers with professionals from both research and business environments. Important topics like prioritizing Mental Health throughout the Ph.D. journey, the importance of Diversity, Inclusivity, and Gender Equality within the research environment, and uncertainty regarding the best career paths emerged during the session.

From left to right: Dra. Art Agrawal, Sergi vizcaíno, Dra. Clara Saraceno, Robert J. Sewell.

Each panelist shared valuable insights based on their unique experiences and backgrounds.

Sergi represented LuxQuant, sharing the stage with other distinguished experts:

  • Dra. Arti Agrawal, Associate Physics Professor at the University of Technology Sydney and CEO of Vividhata Pty Ltd
  • Dra. Clara Saraceno, Researcher and Professor at Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • Robert J Sewell, Head of Academic Affairs at ICFO


Overall, being part of LASER was a fantastic experience. We had the beautiful opportunity to spread awareness about Quantum technology and inspire companies and collaborators to consider Quantum Cryptography. Additionally, we had the chance to reconnect with old colleagues and meet potential new clients.

Now, we continue our journey, preparing everything for the next trade show: ECOC Glasgow in October. We will be present for the entire show

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