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LuxQuanta becomes technological partner of ID Quantique

21 / 05 / 2024

Barcelona. May 17, 2024 - LuxQuanta announces the integration of its Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology into ID Quantique's key management solution to facilitate the deployment of quantum security solutions. The Catalan start-up, which became the first European provider of a new version of quantum key distribution capable of integrating into conventional optical networks in February 2023, guarantees interoperability between different manufacturers with this collaboration, thus facilitating faster adoption of these technologies.

LuxQuanta's participation in ID Quantique's initiative is a response to the urgent need for a transition towards a quantum security infrastructure with QKD at the core. This infrastructure will withstand attacks from potential cybersecurity hackers equipped with new algorithms and stronger computational capacity, such as quantum computing. These advancements could potentially break the mathematical problems that sustain the security of current cryptography.

The role of QKD is fundamental as it allows for the generation and distribution of symmetric cryptographic keys between two locations using the principles of quantum mechanics. This ensures that encrypted communications between these two points remain protected even against possible attacks from quantum computers.

"The primary mission of LuxQuanta's Quantum Key Distribution system, NOVA LQ®, is to provide the necessary protection to ensure the security of digital communications for governments, financial entities, and IT service providers. It achieves this by establishing cryptographic keys whose security does not depend on current or future technological advancements." says Vanesa Díaz, CEO of LuxQuanta.

However, the practical implementation of QKD links requires adaptation to the various use cases within each client's specific network typologies. Various variants of QKD technology have emerged in recent years, including the known Continuous Variable (CV-QKD) upon which LuxQuanta's NOVA LQ® system is based.

Grégoir Ribordy, CEO and co-founder of ID Quantique, comments:

" We are extremely proud to break another important barrier to large-scale adoption of quantum networks. Offering a vendor-agnostic ecosystem allowing heterogeneous QKD infrastructure was one of the next logical steps the market was expecting – and this is now available thanks to our partners."

Addressing the security needs of companies in strategic sectors is also the path taken by ID Quantique's Clarion KX platform, which leverages an open and integrative architecture to offer hybrid solutions from different manufacturers. Integrating LuxQuanta's NOVA LQ® into Clarion KX is a significant step in this direction, as it will allow customers to combine technologies from various providers to maximise the cost-benefit of these solutions.

"We are very proud to collaborate with ID Quantique on an initiative that prioritises the customer's needs, allowing them to choose with total flexibility among the best QKD technology providers that best meet the needs of each point in their network. These collaborations are essential to drive the deployment of essential technology to preserve the security of our entire digital life." - says Díaz.

Discover more about NOVA LQ® CV-QKD System:
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