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LuxQuanta Founders at the Forbes List of Changemakers 2024

08 / 01 / 2024

The changes that will unfold and shape a much more aware society of the importance of scientific and technical advances in 2024 will be driven by individuals whose experience and innovative capacity (which is not always technological) will serve as a guide for thousands of citizens, protagonists in the creation and transfer of knowledge.

Forbes has selected a list of key contributors, mostly founders and CEOs of innovative start-ups, as recognized changemakers of the year. 


Within that context, Dr. Sebastian Etcheverry and Dr. Saeed Ghasemi, co-founders of LuxQuanta, have been included in the Forbes list by their contributions and work on Quantum Key Cryptography. 

Specialized in the development and commercialization of quantum key distribution systems for cryptography, these systems provide a layer of security to the communications of public and private entities. The lead of the European project "Quarter" from Catalonia, funded by the EU, to implement a quantum security network for communications in Europe has also marked a key factor on the selection of the founders. 

Dr. Etcheverry is now leading the technological developments of the company as Chief Tehcnology Officer (CTO), while Dr. Ghasemi leads the works of the Signal Processing unit. 

Right - Dr. Sebastian Etcheverry, CTO & co-founder. Center - Vanesa Díaz, CEO. Right - Saeed Ghasemi, Head of the Signal Processing unit. 

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