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LuxQuanta unveils “Centralized QKD Telemetry,” powered by AWS

10 / 03 / 2024
Barcelona, March 2024—LuxQuanta, a leading European manufacturer of quantum key distribution (QKD), has developed “Centralized QKD Telemetry”, a QKD management platform software powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Quantum Key Distribution generates and distributes symmetric cryptographic keys between two endpoints using the principles of quantum physics. The technology is designed to add a future-proof security layer to the computationally secure cryptographic stack beyond current mathematical-based cryptography. It can be used in combination with post-quantum cryptography approaches.

LuxQuanta's NOVA LQ® Continuous-Variable QKD System is the company's first commercially available QKD system and the first CV-QKD in Europe. 

Centralized control of QKD in AWS 

Developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an AWS Partner Network member, the Centralized QKD Telemetry platform has been designed to show QKD metrics and log visualization on AWS. Operating seamlessly within LuxQuanta's NOVA LQ® CV-QKD System, the software collects and facilitates pertinent metadata from any Alice-Bob pair connected to the Telemetry platform, streaming this information to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances on AWS.
Monitoring the performance and status of the QKD layer in a large-scale system can be pretty complex. This solution aims to centralize the control system, significantly reducing management complexity. It will empower users to take necessary actions based on network events while monitoring QKD link status and tracking critical metrics such as key generation and error rates.

User panel with key QKD metrics displayed. The graph shows the data related to a QKD link connected to AWS infrastructure. 

The solution emerges from LuxQuanta's efforts to develop and commercialize QKD systems and to ease the deployment, integration, and adoption of quantum cryptography within current network infrastructures.

If you are interested in assessing the practical deployment of a QKD connection in your network, please contact: 


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