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Quantum Key Stakeholder Assembly: Road to the International Year of Quantum 2025

30 / 11 / 2023
Barcelona, November 9 - Puzzle X™ organized a high-level assembly of global Quantum key Stakeholders to discuss central issues of relevance to the United Nations and deliberate both ecosystem and industry recommendations in preparation for the passing of the International Year of Quantum resolution (IYQ2025)

The exponential development of Quantum Technologies and their huge potential contributions to the human society raise the need to prepare and convey measures in areas like country equity, quantum security, SDG and equitable advances in quantum, talent, education and gender equity. The adoption of Quantum Technolgoies worldwide also requires for the exosystem and industries to align and collborate to allow the better development of the technology and its access to the market. 


The invitation-only assembly was organized in support the resolution to the UN  to proclaim 2025 the International Year of Quantum (IYQ2025). In partnership with the executive committee of IYQ2025, and in support of the resolution, the assembly will convene global decision makers and leaders in quantum to discuss key topics of significance to the UN. 
‍More importantly, the assembly will be an avenue to present the voice and recommendations of the ecosystem and industry in preparation for the passing of the International Year of Quantum.

The Assembly will conclude in a ceremonial signing of an open letter by key international stakeholders to encourage the United Nations to pass the resolution. The letter has been signed by Nobel laureates Kostya Novosleov, Bill Phillips as well as many quantum companies including LuxQuanta. 


Prestigious organizations like UNICEF, UNESCO and International Telecommunication Union were also present. LuxQuanta contributed providing valuable insights into the proper development of Quantum Communications industry and ecosystem.

Our engagement with key stakeholders reflects our commitment to advancing quantum technologies and contributing to global discussions on the future of Quantum.

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