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Quantum Secure Networks Partnership. 25M€ project with more than 40 partners

03 / 04 / 2023
March 1st, 2023 - Quantum Secure Networks Partnership (QSNP) was officially launched as a new project under the European Quantum Flagship. The aim of this project is to develop and implement Quantum Cryptography technology to enable ultra-secure transmission of information through networks.


With the increasing number of devices and systems connected to global networks, there is a growing need to protect sensitive information from cyber-attacks. While current cryptography techniques are used to secure information, they are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the growing processing capabilities of computers and the imminent evolution of Quantum Computers. 

The QSNP brings together more than 40 partners from all over Europe, including academia, foundries, RTOs, SMEs, spin-offs, network and cryptography integrators, and telecom operators. LuxQuanta, as one of its members, will collaborate with its QKD know-how and technology for the proper development of teh project.

Map of all the European members of the QSNP


With three main goals, the projects will run for 3.5 years with an overall funding of 25M€. 

  1. QSNP will first work towards the development of advanced quantum technology for quantum secure communication networks that can reduce security assumptions and extend the range of secure communication. This will be achieved by developing and deploying next-generation protocols based on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) cryptography techniques.Ç
  2. Secondly, integrating this quantum cryptography technology into existing classical telecommunication systems and post-quantum protocols, providing an additional layer of ultra-secure communication in this hybrid classical-quantum network.
  3. Finally, the application of the technology developed into different use cases, including the delivery of critical European technology for government infrastructures such as the European Quantum Communications Infrastructure (EuroQCI). The project aims to identify potential users and provide solutions to their needs while exploring new sectors where quantum technologies can take over markets not reached by current technology.

Valerio Pruneri, the coordinator of the project, stated:

 "With QSNP, we are now moving out into the terrain where we will be able to develop further and, most of all, test the research development carried out in the first phase of the flagship."
- Valerio Pruneri

The project will be a launchpad for future applications, evaluating new cost-effective features, measuring use and integration easiness levels, and exploring new sectors where quantum technologies could take over markets.

The consortium partners will meet in person at ICFO premises in Barcelona from 24-25 April 2023. The QSNP project aims to achieve unprecedented performances and new designs for application-specific cryptography, covering the full chain from quantum fundamentals to product development.

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