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13 / 03 / 2024
 Barcelona, March 13th — The “Generalitat of Catalonia”, the Spanish autonomic region Catalonia's local government has issued an official press release praising LuxQuanta's recognition for winning the accelerator.

“The company LuxQuanta, a spin-off from the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), has been the only Catalan startup selected by the European Innovation Council Accelerator program, which had previously chosen another ICFO quantum technologies spin-off, Quside, in its last edition. LuxQuanta is the result of the quantum communications ring project in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, developed by ICFO with the support and co-financing of the Generalitat de Catalunya.”

This strong statement started the official communication of the Catalan Government, which focused on highlighting the robust Quantum Ecosystem being consolidated in the region. The note emphasizes the achievement and recognition of being selected by the European Innovation Council for the Accelerator program and remarks on the importance of the quantum ecosystem in Catalonia’s plans. 

In the words of the Secretary of Digital Policies, Gina Tost i Faus - 
"The international recognition of Catalan quantum startups is great news because it represents a further step in the positioning of Catalonia and its digital and innovation ecosystem on the European and world quantum map.”

From left to right: Vanesa Díaz, LuxQuanta's CEO. Gina Tost i Faus, Secretary of Digital Policies in Catalonia. Silvia Carrasco, KTT Director at ICFO. Luís Torner, ICFO's Director. 

 "Moreover, it confirms that Catalonia is ready to take the leap and maximize the Government's pioneering commitment to quantum technologies with the new country strategy we are developing in collaboration and complicity with the ecosystem and ICFO as a key pillar, which should allow us to take advantage of the economic and social progress opportunities arising from the second quantum revolution."

According to ICFO's director, Lluís Torner, 
"The so-called first quantum revolution has made the current digital civilization possible. The world has recently begun the second. From Catalonia, we want to be protagonists, both in scientific and technological development and in the industrial and economic development resulting from it."

2.5 Million Euros to Boost Quantum-Secure Communications

LuxQuanta, established in May 2021 as a spin-off from ICFO, is actively developing and commercialising Quantum Cryptography systems designed for easy deployment within existing optical fibre networks. LuxQuanta's technology, Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution, offers a high level of cryptographic security capable of withstanding even Quantum Computers' attacks.

As part of its commitment to securing critical communications worldwide, LuxQuanta is actively participating in the EuroQCI initiative. This initiative aims to deploy quantum links across Europe to safeguard the continent's critical data.

Within this line, LuxQuanta contributes to the "Qollserola" project in the Catalonia region, led by ICFO, with support and co-financing from the Catalan government's Department of Business and Labor’s Secretary of Digital Policies. This project aims to establish a quantum communications ring in Barcelona. It involves deploying Quantum Key Distribution links using Barcelona's existing fibre optic infrastructure in preparation for the EuroQCI initiative in the forthcoming years.

Barcelona Quantum Ring, spanning from ICFO in Castelldefels to a circular connection passing through Collserola and CTTI

The European backing and funding will significantly boost the commercialization and ongoing research and development of LuxQuanta's technology. LuxQuanta is set to receive €2.5 million from European grants and gain access to venture capital funds amounting to up to €15 million.

An strategy to seize the window of opportunity.

As announced by the Minister of Business and Labor, Roger Torrent i Ramió, the Government plans to approve the Quantum Technologies Strategy of Catalonia, currently in the drafting phase, before the end of 2024.

The Quantum Strategy of Catalonia will join the strategies in advanced digital technologies – mobile technologies, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and NewSpace – that the Government, through the Secretary of Digital Policies, has launched in recent years to promote new economic sectors based on disruptive technologies generating opportunities, economic growth, and high-value-added employment, but also with a substantial impact on improving people's lives.

Regarding its economic impact on a global scale, the market for quantum technologies is estimated to increase tenfold during the decade, reaching at least 100 billion euros by 2030.

Roger Torrent, Minister of Business and Labor, adn Gina Tost, Secretary of Digital Policies at the Smart Cities World Congres in Barcelona. 

The  Government, through the Secretary of Digital Policies, is already working with ICFO on eight projects:
  • Quantum communications ring in the Barcelona metropolitan area
  • Application of quantum technologies for repeaters and long-distance fibre links
  • Preparation for quantum links via air and future links via satellite
  • Construction of quantum computers based on ultra-cold atoms
  • Design and development of magnetic quantum sensors for materials and neuro medicine
  • Miniaturization of quantum devices
  • Exploration of synthetic quantum materials and their applications, in collaboration with MIT (USA), among other leading international centres
  • Dissemination and promotion of quantum technologies and their application and impact in Catalonia.

(Adapted form the official press release: )

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