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LuxQuanta becomes OPTICA Corporate Member | Quantum Industry Summit

15 / 11 / 2023

LuxQuanta is now a proud OPTICA Corporate Member, aligning itself with a community of industry leaders dedicated to advancing the fields of Optics and Photonics, including the Quantum Sector.

OPTICA, previously known as OSA, was founded over a century ago and has evolved into a global enterprise serving a diverse international constituency. Its mission focus on promoting the generation, application, and archiving of knowledge in optics and photonics, with a commitment to disseminating this knowledge globally. The Society's objectives are scientific, technical, and educational, with a strong to excellence and ongoing learning fueling all its initiatives.

Vanesa Díaz, LuxQuanta's CEO, presenting at OPTICA Quantum Industry Summit '23

OPTICA Quantum Industry Summit

On the 14th and 15th of November, OPTICA organized the second edition of the Quantum Industry Meeting at LIGENTEC’s headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Sorrounded by an incredible landscape, over 100 industry leaders and CEOs from prominent companies in the Quantum Ecosystem convened for a two-day conference featuring insightful talks.

LuxQuanta participated not only to leverage networking and raise awareness but also to deliver a presentation showcasing our CV-QKD system solution to all the attendees. LuxQuanta’s CEO, Vanesa Díaz, presented alongside other key players in the industry actively contributing to the development of Quantum Technologies.

OPTICA's Summit audience. A unique gathering of CEO's and decision makers in the Quanutm Ecosystem

"What can you do for them? What they can do for you? "

With these questions, Jose Pozo, CTO of OPTICA and the event's presenter, concluded each company presentation. Aligned with OPTICA's values, his objective was to catalyze collaborations among industry players, fostering relationships and addressing the needs of the attendees.

The Quantum sector is still in its early stages, and many key parts of the supply chain are yet to be stimulated and matured. This is why LuxQuanta not only takes the opportunity to discover new collaborators but also actively contributes to building a stronger industry and sector. By sharing insights about the future needs and challenges of QKD manufacturing, LuxQuanta aims to play a role in shaping the industry's trajectory.

OPTICA's CTO, Jose Pozo - at the center - joining the Networking sessions

Corporate Member: Committed to Industry Advancement

Becoming an OPTICA Corporate Member provides LuxQuanta with a range of benefits crucial for realizing our aspirations. OPTICA offers specific Industry Meetings, Market Reports, and more. The organization of such an outstanding event is one of the perks of being the Society. 

However, the main reason for LuxQuanta to be Corporate member is to actively provide value to the community, supporting OPTICA's initiatives to stimulate the Quantum and Photonics sector. We are committed to disseminating information about the industry and driving initiatives that contribute significantly to the global landscape, building quality Quantum Literacy for everyone. 

Event's reception. One of the many initiatives LuxQuanta will be part of from OPTICA's activities. 

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